After graduating from Civil Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, for more than twenty years he worked for multinational contracting, consultancy and investment companies such as ENKA, Bechtel, Bureau Veritas, ETİ (a Goldman Sachs affiliate), and Rönesans Holding. Following the completion of his master's degrees in Engineering and Technology Management at Boğaziçi University and Executive MBA at Özyeğin University, he founded the ÖZÜM (Özyeğin University Alumni Association) and served as the 1st and 2nd term President. 

Mazıcı has outstanding experience in heavy industries, energy, and real estate development sectors with leading roles in project management, contract management and mergers and acquisitions.

After holding office as the high-level executive at various enterprises, he founded MZC Consulting Company mainly focusing on solar energy investments and technical consultancy services for multinational clients.

As one of the founding partners, Emrah Mazıcı has been taking part in providing custom-made solutions for IBC’s international and local clients in Turkey and other target countries/regions.